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Alta Vista
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Alta Vista
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Holiday Club Account

Be part of the club, and make seasonal spending part of the yearly budget.

Now with 3.30% APY*. Save for gifts, travel, and holiday cheer.

Open Online or call 909.809.3838

Grow your holiday savings with automatic transfers and monthly dividends.

  • Dividends paid monthly
  • Manage your account online
  • Withdraw November 1 through December 31

Add to the festivities, little by little.

A Holiday Club Account is just $10 to open and requires a $10 monthly deposit to maintain the account. Set up automatic deposits to fund your holidays all year long.

A stress-free way to save and spend.

The holidays should be full of cheer, festivities, and experiences. Take the stress out of the budget by saving for a goal all year long.

Access your savings from your phone.

View and make transfers to your Holiday Club account from your phone. When the holidays are here, you can easily transfer money to your checking account in the app.

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Earn interest

Let your money earn some dividends while you save for the holidays.



Pure joy

The holidays are months away, but you can start saving today for more merry and more cheer.



Less stress

You’ve got plenty of logistics to conquer this year. Budget for the holidays ahead of time.



Save for more gifts, experiences, and memories.


Start with $10

Make a $10 deposit and save at least $10 a month.




Grow your savings

Make extra deposits and collect dividends.




Spend for the holidays

Withdraw in November or December and fund the cheer.



Start saving for holiday spending.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. It’s $10 to open, and there are no minimum balances or fees after that.

  • Yes. You can setup automatic transfers to your Holiday Club Account through online banking.