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How to Avoid Scams

Know the red flags

Scammers use different tactics to get victims to fall for their schemes. In some cases, they can be friendly, sympathetic, and seem willing to help. In others, they use fear tactics to persuade a victim. The most common types of scams will target you through fake emails, text messages, voice calls, letters, or even someone who shows up at your front door unexpectedly. No matter which technique the scammer uses, you me be:

  • Contacted unexpectedly by phone, email, text, direct message, or pop-up with a request for personal information or money. Never click a link or download an attachment from someone you don’t know. Alta Vista Credit Union will never text, email, or call you asking for personal or contact information.
  • Pressured to act immediately with an alarming phone call, email, or text that plays with your emotions. Scammers may pose as an employee from a familiar organization, such as Alta Vista Credit Union and say there’s a problem that needs immediate attention. Do not act unless you have verified the person who has contacted you and the story or request is legitimate.
  • Asked to pay in an unusual way, like gift cards, crypto currencies, prepaid debit cards, or peer-to-peer, including Zelle® to resolve fraud. Alta Vista Credit Union will never ask you to transfer money to anyone, including yourself, and will never ask you to transfer money because we detected fraud on your account.
  • Asked to provide personal or account information, such as account verification code, bank account number or PIN. When in doubt, don’t give it out. Alta Vista Credit Union will never text, email, or call you asking for an account authorization code.
  • Offered a free product or ‘get rich quick’ opportunity that seems too good to be true? If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never cash a check for someone you don’t know.

If you authorize a transfer or send money to a scammer, there’s often little we can do to help get your money back.

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